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San Pedro Appliance Repair The Green Alternative

31.08.10  |   Appliance Repair  |  admin

San Pedro Appliance Repair offers a greener way to deal with broken appliances. Rather than send the old appliance to the land fill to join thousands of other appliances, why not repair it and get many more years of use before purchasing a new appliance. In addition to doing your part to save the planet, you will also save a little bit of green in your pocket.

There may be times it makes more sense to replace an appliance than to repair it. However, most of the time, repairing the appliance is a great alternative. Unfortunately, we have been taught that new is always better. It our tough economy and the crisis we have created with global warming, it is time for all of us to learn some lessons from our grandparents who though why throw something away when it can be repaired.

Many appliances are finding their way to the landfill today because of simple problems that could be repaired inexpensively giving that appliance new life. Repairing an appliance is a greener alternative than recycling every bit to make new appliances. Sometimes all that is needed to get the appliance going once again is a charge of Freon, a new heating element, a timer, belt or a door lock.

Many people have bought HE washing machines to do their part in lowering energy consumption. Many of these machines have problems with the door interlock device. If the door does not lock for the spin cycle, the washing machine will not spin. Clothing is left soaking wet with water. A simple repair of the door lock device can get that expensive HE machine back working again, saving the owner as much as a thousand dollars over the cost of replacing the machine.

As the cost of appliance disposal increases, it makes even more sense to repair a machine rather than pay to dispose something that could be easily repaired. Learning to make do with what we already have may be a great benefit of the recent recession.

If old appliance is truly beyond repair, you may find that the San Pedro Appliance Repair has other appliances that have been repaired and are offered for sale as used appliances. Purchasing a used appliance can also help to save our planet and money.

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