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Los Feliz Appliance Repair Company

27.08.10  |   Appliance Repair  |  admin

$20 off any Kitchen Appliance Repair in Los Feliz!

There are several things you want to know when it comes time to choose a Los Feliz appliance repair company. Getting the lowest price for this service isn’t everything. There are numerous aspects of the company that you need to check before paying for repairs, in order to ensure the quality of work that is performed and your safety.

First and foremost, consumers should always ask to see proof of a repair company’s professional liability insurance. If there are damages that occur due to the work that is performed you will likely have to pay for your own losses out of pocket if there isn’t a valid policy in place. If a faulty wiring repair causes a fire, it is always better to have been safe than sorry.

You should never opt for service without getting a firm quote. Vague references to what you might have to pay could wind up costing you top dollar. Most companies offer a bottom line hourly rate for repairs, and it is important that you choose a company that is up front about the cost of service, such as these.

The work that is performed should come with a written guarantee. If the company does not fix the appliance right the first time, you certainly shouldn’t have to pay again in order to get the item fixed. Getting a written guarantee will give you added assurance that the work paid for will be completed, whether on the first visit or the second.

It can also be beneficial for consumers to choose a Los Feliz appliance repair company that accepts credit cards. In worse case scenarios, consumers can call the credit card company to have the payment credited back to their account should the work performed be less than acceptable. By checking these fine points of service, you can avoid the hassle of bad service.

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